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About our show

It was 1975 when Mr Noel Bracks, a local school parent, had the bright idea of an art fair to raise funds for St Thomas’. The school agreed and promptly asked him to convene the event, which he did for the first seven years!

Now 43 years on, the St Thomas’ Art and Craft Show is one of the most well-known and well-attended school community fairs on the Lower North Shore.

It is an annual event where the school, parish and local communities join together to enjoy a packed weekend of art, craft and jewellery market stalls, entertainment, carnival fun, foodie delights and much more.

We are very proud of what we achieve with this fair.  It is something the community has developed together and passed down to next generations of families coming through the school.

The fundraising element is also important as it enables the P&F to provide resources and opportunities for enriching the learning environment of the school. 

Each year the Principal and P&F team works together to decide how the money will be spent, to support the school’s strategic plan, so that our funds are used to assist in meeting the priorities set out in that strategic plan.

There have been so many items funded in recent years from money raised through the Show.

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